Europe affected by a massive breakdown of Outlook and Hotmail messaging


INTERNET - Thousands of users were unable to access their Hotmail and Outlook e-mail accounts on Monday. Several European countries, including France, have been particularly affected by this breakdown.

Hard in 2017 to consider that we can no longer access his emails. Yet, Monday, many users of Outlook and Hotmail messengers could not access their emails, according to information initially reported by RTL, and repeated by several media. A partial breakdown in Europe affects Microsoft's free messengers. According to the site details of DownDetector, the failure is quite extensive since it affected Monday in particular the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Spain and Belgium. Breakdowns, less extensive, have also been recorded in Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Greece and Bulgaria. The manifestations of the breakdown are not the same for all users: some can not access the email site, others can not send any email when they manage to receive them.

On Twitter, Outlook acknowledged Monday night that a breakdown was in progress and said that his engineers were trying to solve the case. For its part, the parent company, Microsoft , said it was still trying to determine the source of the blackout. "We continue to conduct the investigation to determine the source of this problem, and the different steps that will allow the return of the service," was it possible to read on the company's website on Monday.


Replying to @Paktakular

Yes. We're aware of the issue and our engineers are working on it. For real time updates, click here: .

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On Facebook and Twitter, several users have complained that they can not access their emails, as this type of mail is becoming more and more used on the planet. According to the Microsoft website , more than 400 million people are active users of Outlook in the world. And according to a study by Radicati Group in January 2017, by the end of the year, more than 3.7 billion people worldwide will use at least one mailbox, representing nearly 54% of the global population. the planet.

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