Put a default signature to our Hotmail emails

Another possibility offered by Hotmail to personalize our emails is to include a default signature that appears by default in all messages that we send. In this way, we save ourselves having to include the signature to each e-mail one by one and the danger of generating a different signature each time, which may confuse our recipients or cause a bad impression.

With this option we can define the signature that best represents us and more convince us to dismiss our emails, including including information of additional interest, such as a phone number, the link to our website, an appointment that we like, etc. in a block of text that will always be placed at the bottom of the page in all our outgoing messages.

To get it, we just have to log in to our Hotmail account. Next, we must click on the configuration icon, located in the upper right corner, that kind of wheel that we have highlighted in red. A menu is displayed in which we must select "Options", highlighted again in red:

After clicking on this option, a new screen opens, with a wide list of possibilities. The one that interests us is within the "Write email" section. Click on "Format, source and signature".

There we find the section "Personal signature". We only have to write the signature that we want and edit it with the options of the text format bar (type, color and size of text, bold, italics, links ...). When we have the signature completed we must click on save so that it always appears by default at the end of all our e-mails.

As soon as we press "Save", all the messages that we send will include this signature. It's easy to do and we can modify it whenever we want from this "Format, source and signature" page.

Upgrade from Hotmail to Outlook.com

Since we propelled the Outlook.com review a couple of days prior, we've been lowered and astonished by the gathering and by the quantity of individuals who have redesigned. Truth be told, in simply the initial couple of days alone, we've seen a few million individuals move up to Outlook.com. Throughout the following week we'll compose a progression of posts covering redesigning and utilizing Outlook.com, beginning with this post covering updating from Hotmail, and afterward took after by posts talking about overhauling from Gmail, Yahoo, and different administrations. These are altogether composed by Dick Craddock, who runs the Program Management Team for Outlook.com.
- Chris Jones
Moving up to Outlook.com is simple, regardless of which benefit you're right now utilizing. In the coming days, we'll take a gander at how to move up to Outlook from different administrations. Be that as it may, today, we'll take a gander at moving up to Outlook from Hotmail.
As a matter of first importance, realize that you don't have to make another record to utilize Outlook.com - you can redesign with the Hotmail account you're now utilizing. We convey your settings and information crosswise over to Outlook.com, and to your telephone and customers, incorporating Outlook with the Outlook Connector, all of which will keep on working, similarly as previously.
These guidelines will work for any email address that as of now utilizes Hotmail, including @hotmail.com, @msn.com, @live.com, and so forth.
We exceptionally prescribe that you move up to Outlook.com with your current Hotmail account, instead of making another record. In the event that you need another @outlook.com email address, this article demonstrates to you generally accepted methods to add one to your current record.
Every one of your information and settings simply work
When you move up to Outlook.com from Hotmail, you get the new Outlook.com administration, and you continue everything about your record unblemished:
Your email deliver keeps on working - no compelling reason to transform it
You will keep on signing in with your @hotmail.com utilizing a similar secret word
Every one of your gadgets will keep on working, including your telephone and the Outlook customer with the Outlook Connector
You hold the greater part of your contacts - no additional means to take
You hold the greater part of your envelopes, classifications, hailed messages, rules, and so on.
Your mark and get-away answer accompany you
Your settings for things, for example, Reading Pane and Arrange By Conversation remain the same
Step by step instructions to overhaul
The least demanding approach to overhaul is to sign-in to Outlook.com:
Go to https://outlook.com
Sign-in with your current Hotmail account (@hotmail.com, @msn.com, @live.com, and so on.)
Critical: Don't agree to accept another record; simply sign-in with your current Hotmail account. You don't have to change your deliver to utilize Outlook; indeed, in the event that you agree to accept another address, there is no real way to join or consolidation that new record with your old record.
That is it! You should now utilize the new Outlook.com benefit. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, you can sign-in at https://outlook.com. Obviously, marking in at https://hotmail.com or https://mail.live.com still works. On the off chance that you do, despite everything you'll keep on seeing the Outlook.com encounter.
Getting another @outlook.com email address
Since you've moved up to Outlook, you should need to get another @outlook.com email address. This is altogether discretionary, obviously. Your current Hotmail address will be bolstered.
One vital note: The Preview does not bolster including email addresses in nation particular spaces, for example, @outlook.co.uk; @outlook.com.br, and so forth. This is a confinement we'll be attempting to address.
There are two different ways to get another @outlook.com email deliver to use with your record: including a nom de plume or renaming your record.
Add a @outlook.com nom de plume to your record
A nom de plume is an email deliver that is added to your record. You can signify five nom de plumes for each year to your record up to a most extreme of 15, and you can send and get email from these pseudonyms.
Assumed names are an awesome method to utilize diverse email addresses with the same inbox. Viewpoint can even consequently document email sent to every false name in isolated organizers.
There are a couple of restrictions that you ought to know about:
There is a farthest point of five false names for every record, every year.
You can send email from a moniker in the Outlook.com web interface. Be that as it may, you won't have the capacity to send email from a nom de plume from your telephone or other customer. Rather, email you send from your telephone or other customer will in any case be sent from the essential address of your record. This is an impediment we're striving to evacuate, so stay tuned.
You can't sign in to your record with the false name. You should keep on using your essential record name to sign in
Here's the manner by which to add an assumed name to your record:
To start with, sign-in to standpoint at https://outlook.com utilizing your Hotmail account. Presently, tap on the Options "machine gear-piece" in the upper right corner of the window, and tap on "More mail settings."
Next, tap on "Make an Outlook pseudonym." It's the by last alternative in the principal section, under the heading "Dealing with your record."
You'll be taken to the Create pseudonym page, where you'll see that "@outlook.com" is as of now chose for you. Enter the email name that you need to make in the container marked "Email address" and snap "Make an assumed name."
You may not get the principal name you attempt, since it may as of now be taken by another person. Try not to stress - simply attempt another name (and endeavor to pick a name that will probably be extraordinary).
After you've effectively picked an address, you'll be reclaimed to your Inbox, and you'll see an affirmation that gives you a chance to pick where email sent to the new address goes: into another organizer, or a current envelope, which of course is your Inbox. Pick which alternative works best for you, and snap "Done."
Coincidentally, in the event that you sent email to another organizer, you can simply alter your opinion. Viewpoint made a run for you consequently, and you can without much of a stretch alter or erase the administer by right-clicking "Envelopes" in the left segment of your Inbox, and choosing "Oversee rules."
Rename your record to a @outlook.com account
You can rename your record to a @outlook.com account, and when you do, your old record turns into a moniker, so regardless you'll get email sent to the old record.
Reasonable cautioning: Renaming is a major ordeal. It changes the essential name of your record, which implies that you should instantly begin marking in with the new name (same secret word) on the entirety of your gadgets, for example, your telephone, PC, Xbox, and so forth.
Renaming a record isn't something that you can without much of a stretch "fix"; indeed, there are a few situations where it's difficult to fix. Along these lines, if you don't mind be certain of your choice before following the means beneath.
Likewise, there are a few constraints of rename that you ought to know about:
On the off chance that you utilize a Windows Phone, you should reset your Windows Phone to production line settings, and after that set it move down with the new record name. You will lose every single individual datum on the Windows Phone when you do this, so ensure you have that information went down. You should re-introduce every one of your applications on your telephone, despite the fact that you won't have to re-buy them.
It is difficult (and in uncommon cases unrealistic) to "fix" a rename. For instance, on the off chance that you rename a MSN account, you can't rename it back, or on the off chance that you made your record in one nation and are renaming it in an alternate nation, you won't have the capacity to rename it back to your unique record except if you make a trip back to your unique nation. Be certain of your choice.
On the off chance that your record has been blocked more than once in light of the fact that another person was utilizing your record, you won't have the capacity to rename it. We're attempting to expel this impediment.
You can rename your record twice at regular intervals. In the event that you rename and after that alter your opinion, renaming once more into your old address doesn't tally towards your yearly point of confinement.
Here's the means by which to rename your record:
To start with, sign-in to viewpoint at https://outlook.com utilizing your Hotmail account. Presently, tap on the Options "machine gear-piece" in the upper right-corner of the window, and tap on "More mail settings." Now, tap on "Rename your email address" which is the last connection in the primary section under the heading "Dealing with your record":
You'll be requested to type in your secret key once more. This additional security step is required to help ensure your record, since renaming your record is a noteworthy activity.
You'll be taken to the Rename page which will give you a chance to pick another record name.
Windows Phone clients ought to know that renaming their record will expect them to reestablish their telephone to production line settings and set it up again with the new name.
Much the same as making a nom de plume, you'll have to pick a name that is probably going to be remarkable, and click "Spare."
You'll get an affirmation that your record was renamed. You may now need to go change your record name data on your telephone or different gadgets.
The most effective method to change back to Hotmail
In the event that for reasons unknown you aren't getting a charge out of the Outlook.com encounter, you can without much of a stretch change back to Hotmail amid the Preview time frame. Here's the secret:
Tap on the Settings "pinion" in the upper right corner, close where your sign-in name shows up
Snap "Return to Hotmail"
In case you're changing back to Hotmail, we'd love to get notification from you. It would be ideal if you pause for a minute to give us criticism on why you chose to switch back. Much appreciated!
Appreciate Outlook.com, and reveal to us what you think
We've fabricated Outlook.com to be current email for the following billion inboxes. We trust you like it, and we need to get notification from you. You can give us criticism ideal from the item by tapping on the Settings "machine gear-piece" and tapping on the "Input" connect (see the photo, above).
Our item group utilizes your input to improve the item even. In this way, reveal to us what you think, and a debt of gratitude is in order for utilizing Outlook.com.
Dick Craddock, Group Program Manager, Outlook.com

Microsoft's Hotmail phase-out: What's a user to do?

Microsoft is moving the majority of its Hotmail clients to Outlook.com by this mid year. This is what the several millions as yet utilizing Hotmail need to think about the progress.

Microsoft reported not long ago that it is shutting Hotmail and moving the "several millions" as yet utilizing it to Outlook.com by this mid year.


The move isn't surprising, yet maybe more sudden than some foreseen. Hotmail clients, once they move (or are moved) will get Outlook.com's spotless, Metro-Style interface for their mail - and at last, logbooks. (For a stroll through of the UI changes Hotmail clients will see, look at this Microsoft FAQ.)

Given that a significant number of the new highlights in Outlook.com - Microsoft's new Web-mail benefit that is no longer in "see," as of this current week - are as of now part of Hotmail , the Outlook.com encounter (past the UI itself) shouldn't be too jarringly unique.

Microsoft gave direction the previous summer to the individuals who needed to proactively make the Hotmail-to-Outlook.com move. There's very little required on clients' parts to get this going. Be that as it may, a few clients still have questions. Furthermore, extraordinary people around the Web have answers.

Q: How much cautioning do clients get before Microsoft move a current Hotmail record to Outlook.com?

A: There will be a few messages first provoking individuals to redesign without anyone else.

Q: If I move my Hotmail record to an Outlook.com account, would i be able to alter my opinion and return?

An: At this point, no. (At the point when Outlook.com was still in "see," Microsoft allowed this.)

Q: What happens to all my put away Hotmail once I am gotten off Hotmail to Outlook.com?

An: Everything moves over. In the event that you tap the overhaul catch it takes possibly a couple of moments, yet the entirety of your current messages auto-populate and extend.

Q: Which programs bolster Outlook.com?

An: Outlook.com is advanced for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10; Google Chrome 17 and higher; Firefox 10 and higher; Safari 5.1 on Mac. It additionally works generally well on IE 7, Google Chrome 16 and 5; Firefox 9 and 5; Safari 5.1 on Windows and Safari 5 on Windows and Mac. It doesn't work at all on IE 6 and more established; Google Chrome 4 and more seasoned; Firefox 4 and more established; and Safari 4.X and more seasoned.

Q: What happens if my Microsoft ID/Windows Live ID is fixing to Hotmail? Do I need to get another one and change my records?

A: No. In the event that you utilize a @hotmail.com, @msn.com or @live.com email address as your Microsoft account, you can keep it, even after Hotmail is covered. "Think about this an indistinguishable route from you would changing your cell phone transporter. You are essentially moving to a superior administration, yet your 'number' (for this situation your Microsoft record and email address) remains the same," a Microsoft representative clarified.

Q: I as of now made a different, new Outlook.com account. So once my current Hotmail account is moved to Outlook.com, what happens? Will my two Outlook.com accounts be combined?

A: There is no real way to really "blend" these records. In any case, you can interface these two records and after that flip forward and backward by connecting them. To do this, go to account settings and select the authorizations tab. Tap on "oversee connected records."

Q: Users are being permitted to keep their Hotmail addresses in the event that they need. Was definitely not a major piece of making Outlook.com an arrangement to dispose of the tired/spoiled Hotmail mark?

A: "The basic certainty is that numerous individuals are connected to their email address. We do anticipate that a specific number will need another Outlook.com address (which is awesome); others will need to keep their Hotmail address. Either is fine since they will all get the chance to utilize the new administration," a Microsoft representative affirmed.

Q: When will Microsoft refresh the schedule in Outlook.com with the goal that it is Metro-Style, rather than Hotmail-Style?

A: Microsoft authorities aren't stating something besides what they've said since summer 2012, which is "soon."

Q: When will Outlook.com be incorporated with Skype?

An: Also "soon." No further word from the Softies on the planning.

Q: Can I arrange my cell phones - including Windows 8, Windows Phone, iOS as well as Android telephones to utilize Outlook.com?

How to Set Up Hotmail on Your iPhone

It's authentic, Microsoft has at last empowered Exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail, which implies you're at long last going to have the capacity to have Hotmail on your iPhone mail application without jumping through circles and circles. Refresh: Things have changed a great deal since this post was initially distributed. It would be ideal if you click here for a refreshed variant of how to set up Hotmail on iPhone. Not exclusively will this enable you to get push Hotmail messages on your iPhone, however you'll likewise have the capacity to adjust your Hotmail login contacts and logbooks over the air. It's really simple to set up Hotmail Exchange ActiveSync on your iPhone and just takes a couple of moments... Stage 1: On your iPhone, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > and make another Micorsoft Exchange account. Stage 2: Fill out the data as take after: Email: your email address Space: leave exhaust Username: your email address Secret key: your watchword Tap Next when you're finished entering this data. Stage 3: Hotmail will check your record. When it's finished checking, enter m.hotmail.com for the server information and hit Next. Stage 4: Select what you need to match up from your Hotmail account (Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and tap Save. Done. You would now be able to appreciate Hotmail on your iPhone. I don't know whether it works with Live email addresses. On the off chance that you have a @live.com email address, please attempt it on and reveal to us how it goes.

Hotmail Login - Mein Postfach

Hotmail Login: Hier finden Sie Ihr Postfach

Hotmail-Login bei Outlook

Hotmail-Login bei Outlook

Hotmail wurde Anfang 2013 in Outlook umbenannt. Dabei cap sich jedoch nichts an Ihrem Hotmail-Konto geändert. Der Unterschied liegt allein im Namen.

Sie können sich im Browser sowohl über kick the bucket Adresse hotmail.de, als auch über outlook.de einloggen. Beide Adressen leiten Sie direkt auf Login.Live.com weiter.

Geben Sie zuerst Ihre E-Mail-Adresse, sowie Ihr Passwort für Ihren Hotmail-Account ein. Klicken Sie auf sanctum Button "Anmelden" werden Sie zu Ihrem Hotmail-Postfach weitergeleitet.

Funktioniert der Login bei Hotmail nicht, kann das mehrere Ursachen haben. Oftmals liegt es nur an einem simplen Tippfehler. Haben Sie Ihr Hotmail-Passwort vergessen, müssen Sie ein neues Kennwort für Ihren Account anfordern.

Auch eine Störung bei Hotmail ist möglich. Oft wird aber auch versehentlich kick the bucket Feststell-Taste aktiviert. Im folgenden Praxistipp finden Sie alle möglichen Lösungen zu Login-Problemen bei Hotmail.

Haben Sie sich schon länger nicht mehr bei Hotmail eingeloggt, kann ebenfalls eine Blockierung vorliegen. In diesem Fall sollten Sie schnellst möglich kick the bucket Hotmail-Blockierung aufheben.

Auch Hack-Angriffe auf Hotmail-Accounts werden immer wieder registriert. Hier sollten Sie sich nicht nur um kick the bucket Rückgewinnung des Accounts bemühen, sondern auch Ihren Computer auf Schädlinge prüfen. Hier finden Sie eine Anleitung zur Reaktion auf ein gehacktes Hotmail-Konto.

Video-Tipp: Fünf geheime Tricks für Outlook

OUTLOOK ENTER EMAIL - Entering Hotmail Login

The Hotmail email login is the Microsoft-owned webmail service, branded by Bill Gates, and is now integrated with other of the largest webmails used by Internet users, Hotmail.

Now old Hotmail users can access their accounts through Outlook Enter (and vice versa), having access to all Microsoft features.

In addition to being just a messaging service, Outlook Login is an excellent organizing tool.

Through the service, you can schedule events and appointments through the calendar and also create notes, tasks, and lists for specific days.

With the integration of the two webmails, Microsoft has added all of its excellent messaging features and services (Hotmail, Messenger and Live) to Outlook Login .

The only difference that the old Hotmail user will feel - besides the greater possibility of tools on the site - is the email interface, which is closer to Outlook design.

This publication is designed to help you learn more about Signing in Outlook , knowing how to use, how to sign in , how to recover your password, and how to open an account. Read on to learn more!


If you have already created an Outlook Email Sign-in account and do not know how to access it, see the steps below.

Now that the emails have been integrated, you can log in to the site with any of the following domains: @ outlook.com, @ hotmail.com, @ live.com, @ msn.com.br, @ hotmail.com .br.

  1. Click to open the hotmail.com website
  2. On the right side, enter your email and password in the blank bars.
  3. Click the blue "ENTER" button to see your inbox.


If you have a personal computer or smartphone that always access your email, you can select the "stay logged in" option so that the site will remember your login information every time you open hotmail.com login .

This way, you will not have to type the email and password every time you access webmail. Just open the website and you'll see your inbox.

We do not recommend that you select this option if you are using a public or third-party computer.

  1. Click to open the outlook.com website
  2. On the right side, enter your access data (email and password) on the bars.
  3. Select the "Keep me logged in" box just below the password field
  4. Click "ENTER".


If you already have an account in Email OUTLOOK but can not remember your password and therefore can not access your email, please see below simple steps to recover and reset a new password.

  1. Click to open the outlook.com website
  2. Click on the phrase, in blue, "I forgot my password", below the login form.
  3. On the next page, select the "I forgot my password" option and click NEXT.
  4. Enter your new Outlook email phone or email account and enter the letter code to confirm that you are not a robot trying to access third-party data. Click NEXT.
  5. You can enter the alternate email you entered when creating your account and you will receive a link to reset your new password; or you can also enter your phone number and enter the verification code to reset the new password; or you can still respond to an extensive report to retrieve your password.


To enter your Outlook Login on your smartphone is very simple: just download the application in the Google Play Store, enter your email and password and check the inbox.

The application saves your data and will automatically sign in every time you log in to your phone, triggering notifications when you receive new messages.


If you do not already have an email in the Microsoft service, you will definitely want to create one. This is because the aforementioned features are vast and the huge advantages to who is user of the site.

With Outlook Sign In , you can manage multiple email accounts in the same place, which makes it very easy and quick to manage and keep up to date. See below:

  1. Click to open the outlook.com website
  2. On the right side, click "Do not have a Microsoft account? Sign up now, "last sentence below the login form.
  3. Enter the requested data (personal data: name, surname, date of birth, sex, telephone).
  4. Enter the desired username (your email address) and personal password;
  5. Please provide a valid alternate email, so that you can recover your password in future eventualities;
  6. Press "Create Account" with the right button.

There, your account has been created and you now have an email from Microsoft! Liked? Leave your feedback in the comments!

Do you use social networking? Learn to join Facebook!

From Hotmail to Outlook, the migration begins!

We talked about it recently, Microsoft decided last summer to abandon its email Hotmail in favor of the Outlook.com solution available only as a heavy client so far.

This decision has made many of you react to your email and have not necessarily appreciated this decision. It is now final, for those of you who have not yet jumped, Microsoft has started this week the big move. Since Tuesday, some 290 million Hotmail users will be progressively transferred to the new Outlook.com mail now out of beta. If it was for the moment possible to return to Hotmailsimply by clicking a button, this is no longer possible since the release of beta. This transition will take a little time but Microsoft believes that by this summer all users will have been migrated. Addresses, contacts, and email settings do not change. However, if you did not have an account yet, it will no longer be possible to create a Hotmai address l, only @ outlook.com addresses will be available.

Outlook.com: new features

All this is done in order to offer more services to users such as, for example, an interface capable of adapting to different uses of the messaging such as consultation on mobile terminal (smartphone and tablets). Recall that mobile is growing in popularity and has recently become the first email consulting platform in the United States. Another of the main functions of Outlook.com is the storage of files on the cloud with Skydrive. In addition to that, there is a better connection to various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and even Google+) and an optimized mail sorting system to save users time.

Preview Outlook.com interface

An attempt against gmail

All this is done in order to compete with Gmail. One remembers the anti-Gmail communication campaign launched by Microsoft with its program "scroogled" whose success is more than mitigated. The Redmond firm has also planned a campaign to promote its messaging.

To date, Microsoft already claims 60 million users on Outlook.com . Two-thirds of them would have migrated from Hotmail, the others being new users. According to Microsoft, 98% of Outlook users would be satisfied with email and would not want to return to Hotmail. And you, have you ever migrated to Outlook.com ? What do you think of this new messaging?

Guida per passare da Gmail ad Hotmail in tre semplici passaggi

Update is dependably a fundamental piece of building another age of items for Microsoft. And keeping in mind that for a few contributions the patching up stops at the graphical UI, for others it likewise impacts the logo and related brand personality. The Windows Live Hotmail upgrade, as the administration advances to Wave 4, is probably going to carry with it another logo. Another video itemizing the progressions that Hotmail has experienced, and offering a knowledge into the assets and exertion important to run the administration, likewise divulged another logo, incorporated into the picture on the left. (Istartedsomething detected this first)

Be that as it may, regardless of being included widely in the video being referred to, the logo is yet to be brandished by the official sign in the page of Windows Live Hotmail. This, regardless of the way that the page being referred to suffered in the current past a little update, reminiscent of the Metro graphical UI that Microsoft was utilizing for Windows Mobile.

There are no official subtle elements from Microsoft on the new Windows Live Hotmail email logo, other than the consideration in the video, which you will have the capacity to discover inserted at the base of this article. Hotmail was propelled 15 years prior, and has since developed to serve more than 360 million clients. As per Phil Smoot, accomplice advancement supervisor, Windows Live Hotmail, there are more than eight billion messages handled every day, 5.5 billion of which are Spam.

"Today it conveys an administration that is confined to 59 markets, including great over a billion inboxes that create more than two petabytes (2 million gigabytes) of new stockpiling every month, and stores many petabytes altogether. You'll additionally observe that during that time Hotmail's back-end engineering has been updated and adjusted various circumstances to take into account this fast development and to fuse progresses in equipment. Given the operational difficulties and exchange offs required to run an administration of this size, creating and dealing with our frameworks at scale is second nature to the Hotmail group," Smoot included.

Create an autoresponder message in Hotmail

Creating an autoresponder in Hotmail is a very important and practical feature for those who do not have the time to check mail and respond immediately to emails that need immediate response. Setting up an autoresponder email also shows our professionalism in it.

Just like creating an autoresponder in Gmail , Hotmail users do not have the time to check their inbox, or create an autoresponder message in Hotmail to send back to the person who sent the email to them. I was busy so I did not have time to read and answer them.Hotmail is a well-known email translator. If you have registered for Hotmail and own a Hotmail account, please refer to how to create an automatic Hotmail reply below for more experience using the service. This is Microsoft.
Step 1: Login To Hotmail
First you need to sign in to HotmailYour first (if not refer to how to create a Hotmail account that Taimienphi.vn previously instructed); At the interface, select the aliasing icon => Select Option.Step 2: Select Mail => Automatic processing => Select Automatic replies.Step 3: Here you have a lot of options:
+ (6) - (7) First, you can set the time + date and time for automatic reply in Hotmail.
+ You can choose to automatically send mail to friends who are in the email address list in Hotmail.
+ (8) Automatically send all incoming email messages to the Hotmail inbox.
+ (9) The content of the autoresponder.

Once set up, choose Save to save your auto-reply in Hotmail. So the automatic reply installation process in Hotmail was successful.
Here are the instructions to create an automatic reply in Hotmail, with people who do not have time to check mail regularly, this is a professional way of expressing emails received from friends or partners.
Also, you should Forward mail in Hotmail to be able to receive incoming email without having to access your main Hotmail account or can create groups in Hotmail so that each time we send we will send more than one people in a group. I wish you created a successful reply in Hotmail!


Hotmail adds 5 new functions, approaching Android

Hotmail keeps on being "sustained" with five new highlights concentrated on spam security and message arrangement. Moreover, Hotmail has recently authoritatively accessible on the Android Market application store.

15 obscure things about Hotmail email 

Email address say in regards to you?

Hotmail: an essential record made 5 virtual records


Numerous new highlights make Hotmail more appealing

As per Microsoft, five new Hotmail highlights include:

Shrewd Newsletter Filtering: This element will help clients to stamp and erase periodicals or bulletins rapidly or to withdraw from the pamphlet totally.


Withdraw Subscribe to pamphlet

Arrangement and propelled catalog organization: Users can order messages in the inbox, not putting documents in particular envelopes.

Planned cleanup: Automatically erases records for drawn out stretches of time, gets obsolete messages and reports. Clients can likewise hold just the most recent data from the sender.

Banners done right: Mark through Flags to keep the client's message need at the highest point of the inbox. Clients will never again need to check the "new" status to keep them in need.

Quick activity: The catch will show up when the client float the mouse over the email to enable the client to erase, hail, to filter the message ... with only a single tick. The present client can improve their own particular interface for letter boxes by erasing or including and taskbar catches, for the most generally utilized capacities.

Hotmail application for Android

With the expansion of new usefulness, Microsoft has likewise included Hotmail in its Android Market application store, a critical advance forward in perceiving the stage for this extremely well known cell phone. Greater Windows Phone.


Hotmail application interface for Android

Notwithstanding "push" email, the Hotmail for Android application synchronizes the logbook (timetable) and contacts and also the envelopes in the letter box (inbox). Clients can send messages with pictures or get messages with records. More imperative is the capacity to help various hotmail account administration.

Explain how Hotmail works

Hotmail is a free e-mail address owned by Microsoft Corporation, the world's most famous and secure e-mail, and the biggest competitor to major companies providing the same service as Google, Gmail and Yahoo. Hotmail has the most to offer instant messenger service, which provides its users with free instant chat service through written conversations, voice calls, and video recordings. By the year 2000, it has become the most popular program service, Skype), which has been able to win the confidence of millions of people around the world as a social networking program that offers several features to its users in a new and attractive interface. How to create a hotmail email To access our browser, click on the link below to access the main site of Hotmail: https://signup.hotmail.com/signup? We turn to a new page asking us to write down some important information as follows: First name, last name. The user name that will appear for the rest of the users on the site. We type the password, which must be at least eight characters and contain lowercase letters, letters, and numbers. We re-enter the password for the second time for confirmation purposes. We identify the country and region in which we reside. We define the date of birth in detail, and identify the sex. Put the phone number with the country code to keep your account safe. We pass the security test before us by typing the letters and numbers in the box to make sure that the person who creates the account is a real person. Hotmail features Hotmail gives its users full privacy and security because it uses high-level technology that protects the user from spam, messages that contain viruses, or malicious links. It has an attractive interface, easy to use, modern design and simple. Organizes messages and files by size, date, or category within easy-to-access folders. Contains unlimited space for stored messages and data. It is possible to edit and modify Office files, and read them on the Internet for free without having to install the Office program. Inbound and outbound messages are displayed in chats, making it fun to read messages. It can be viewed through a smartphone browser or through a Hotmail application for smartphones. It can be connected to a Skype account, and this enables us to talk, voice, and video through the browser directly without the need for a Skype program on our .device


Regardless of whether you utilized an online email benefit like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, or GMail,

or then again a program introduced on your home PC like Microsoft Outlook, you may

now and then need to send a document to a companion by email.

I'll demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to do this in Hotmail; the means for Yahoo Mail, GMail,

what's more, Microsoft Outlook are

comparable. A record that is sent with an email is called a connection;

in all email administrations or projects, when you're creating another email message,

you ought to have the capacity to see a choice to include a "connection" to the message.

The following is the screen that shows up when you're making another message in Hotmail;

to include a connection, tap the "Join" interface:

(The picture beneath is the thing that shows up on the off chance that you do this on a Windows PC; on a Macintosh or different frameworks it will appear to be unique).

Most Windows programs store records under the "My Documents" envelope, which you can

situate by clicking "My Documents" in the left-hand side of that screen. Microsoft

Word, for instance, spares new Word records in the "My Documents" envelope; generally present day

illustrations projects will spare pictures as a matter of course in the "My Pictures" envelope,

which is inside the

"My Documents" organizer. Once you've found the record that you need to append, click

"Open". (Which is somewhat befuddling, in light of the fact that you're not really opening the

document, you're choosing it to be connected to your message, however that is exactly how it functions.)

Presently, after a short interim amid which the document is being transferred to the Hotmail site,

you will see the message showed with the name of the record that has been connected:

Note the remark over the filename: "Add up to measure: 19.5 KB of 10.0 MB". A message sent

from Hotmail can just contain an aggregate of 10 megabytes of connections.

That is 10 megabytes, add up to, for every one of the documents joined to a solitary message,

not 10 megabytes for each document.


administrations have distinctive breaking points; GMail, for instance, gives you a chance to send up to 20 megabytes.

Most normal kinds of records, for example, pictures and Microsoft Word archives, are far

underneath that size farthest point, so you more often than not won't have to stress. (The main basic sort of

record that may now and again be over as far as possible, would be a video document or a MP3

sound record; check

the record estimate before attempting to send those sorts of documents by email.) But while on that

subject, a few things to remember about sending documents by email, particularly

expansive ones:

Notwithstanding the point of confinement on active record sizes forced by your email

benefit (10 megabytes utilizing Hotmail; 20 megabytes utilizing Gmail), there will generally too

be a farthest point on the measure of approaching record connections on the beneficiary's end.

On the off chance that the record that you attempt to send the beneficiary, is bigger than that cutoff, the email

message will be come back to you as undeliverable. As a general guideline, simply expect

that the breaking point on connection sizes that they can get, is about the same as the farthest point on

connections that you can send.

Sending extensive records - bigger than, say, 1 megabyte - might bother to individuals who

weren't expecting them. (This is particularly valid if the client utilizes a home email program

like Microsoft Outlook to download their mail, since they'll some of the time need to download

the whole message, alongside the huge connection, just to get to whatever is left of their

mail. Clients of electronic administrations like Hotmail, then again, will be less irritated

since they can simply erase the message without downloading the connection.) If the document

is a photo or a video, consider transferring it to your Facebook profile

or then again putting it on YouTube and

giving individuals the connection to discover it there, as opposed to sending them the entire record.

Furthermore, that is it! The message ought to send like a typical email message, and you

can kick back and sit tight for your companion's answers about how inspired they were with

your most recent endeavors at nature photography. (Isn't that the tree in your terrace? Did

you take the photograph through the window, or did you in any event go outside?)

Bennett Haselton is an innovation and political blogger and can tell

all of you about how to get around your Internet channels.

Not so Hotmail: What your vintage email address says to potential            employers

You hear a similar exhortation about email addresses resounded crosswise over quest for new employment sites, secondary school advisors' workplaces and business reasonable corners the nation over.

Keep it proficient. Try not to reference your age, your religion or your legislative issues. Particularly don't specify your medication propensities. What's more, in the event that you simply need to catch that SawxFan4lyfe username that you've had since secondary school, possibly make an optional record for more expert purposes.

It's sound exhortation, however consider the possibility that it's centered around the wrong side of the @ image.

Sree Sreenivasan, a strategist with an achieved computerized continue, touched off a furious level headed discussion on LinkedIn in January when he recommended that an email address that finishes in @hotmail.com may be justification for hurling out work application.

"When you see a resume with a Hotmail address, what do you do?" he composed. "Treat them same as others? Reject them immediately? Some other reaction?"

Reactions extended from irritated ("That would be the same as jabbing fun at a 15-year-old Toyota that is sans rust and still runs like new. It works, it does its activity, and it's mine. Get over it.") to shocked ("If my email doesn't land me the position, at that point I didn't need it in any case!") to distinctly pretentious ("While you are on it you should track them, discover them and put a projectile in their heads. That would instruct them.").

The chaos showed that not exclusively are individuals utilizing one of the world's most established webmail administrations, they're ardent aficionados of records that some have been utilizing for a considerable length of time.

Yet, does a Hotmail space really matter to work enrollment specialists? Shouldn't something be said about other long-standing email administrations, as AOL or Yahoo or Outlook? Enrollment specialists, procuring directors, legal advisors and HR specialists we addressed to a great extent concur that it's hasty for organizations to dispose of a vocation application due to a vintage email space.

In any case, despite everything it may be an ideal opportunity to consider a change to something all the more new.

Looking for technically knowledgeable candidates

Hotmail propelled in 1996 as one of the primary open webmail administrations. Initially adapted as HoTMaiL to feature its online presence (HTML gives the building squares to most pages) and on the grounds that blending cases was mysteriously well known at the time, Hotmail offered everything that ISP-based email did not. Most prominently, while its counterparts were fixing to a particular gadget, clients could get to Hotmail from any PC everywhere throughout the world.

Around a similar time that Yahoo gained its fundamental rival, Four11 RocketMail, Hotmail went to Microsoft and experienced a progression of rebranding efforts: MSN Hotmail, Windows Live Hotmail and, at long last, Outlook.com.

At the point when Microsoft started urging Hotmail clients to change to Outlook in 2012, they utilized dialect like "overhaul" and alluded to Outlook as "current email." It made Hotmail, as of now an antiquated brand in Internet years at 16 years of age, appear to be totally obsolete.

That inheritance is the reason some may see Hotmail holdouts in 2018 as individuals who need mechanical learning.

"Clearly IT pioneers and those in a procuring limit with regards to IT, they need innovatively propelled individuals," said Mike Clements, branch administrator of Robert Half Technology, some portion of the world's biggest bookkeeping and back staffing firm.

An "obsolete" email may once in a while play a, "little" part in rating a competitor, however it's an extremely negligible thought contrasted with his or her ranges of abilities and capacities. Also, he can't think about a period when somebody's application was hurled aside exclusively in light of an email space.

"It hasn't played a factor in whether any hopefuls were dispensed with for thought," Clements said.

Yet, he likewise noticed that there is a shortage of possibility for the IT occupations for which he enlists. In businesses where there are a larger number of candidates than positions accessible, similar to news-casting, it's conceivable that analysts may come to depend on straightforward however misinformed prompts to parse a heap of resumes.

Individuals have constantly utilized different flagging and screening methods," said Erik Brynjolfsson, executive of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy. "Disregarding individuals who utilize more established innovation doesn't strike me as an especially viable approach to screen individuals yet in the event that somebody is genuinely overpowered with applications, maybe even loud and frequently wrong flags like that can lessen the data over-burden a bit."

Not an important bit of information

Occupation applicants present a great deal of data about themselves trying to charm potential managers. Customary way of thinking regularly drives them to top their resumes with a synopsis proclamation and past business history, segueing to scholastics, grants and other miscellanea.

Chris J. Collins, relate teacher of human asset administration learns at Cornell University, questions if any of it makes a difference.

"We frequently exaggerate certain snippets of data that won't not reveal to us much about the applicant's aptitudes or abilities," he stated, getting out occupation titles, names of past managers and length of administration as exaggerated signals.

Collins favors interviews, determination tests and genuine cases of a candidate's abilities as a superior measure of future execution over anything on his or her resume. In his estimation, there is literally nothing to be gathered from an email space.

"We know from 60 years of research on choice that that is an awful utilization of information in light of the fact that the information that you're utilizing, the email address, discloses to you nothing about the applicant's aptitudes, experience or base of learning," he said. "You could have simply deselected somebody who was really an awesome fit for the activity in light of mistaken presumption."

At the Seattle Times, news engineer Thomas Wilburn is sporadically engaged with procuring and helps with picking assistants. Since advancement in newsrooms is as yet a moderately youthful calling, Wilburn stated, no two newsroom engineers have a similar affair. That implies designers frequently search for approaches to decide the specialized bent of associates and potential workers.

"A great deal of us are searching for signals. Also, a great deal of us want to talk with specialist since we invest a considerable measure of energy in newsrooms attempting to push back against a domain that is not by any stretch of the imagination specialized," Wilburn said. "Thus it easily falls into place for endeavor to discover approaches to characterize or sort things rationally."

A Hotmail address may be viewed as a curiosity among the well informed, yet not justification for hurling endlessly a resume before talking a man. The individual's abilities, cooperation in the advancement group and collection of work are significantly more essential than "how you got them to me," Wilburn said.

"It's something I would likely notice in the long run. Nowadays having a Hotmail address ... there's a level of old-schoolness and I would be fascinated by that. Furthermore, it's something I would most likely get some information about," he said.

In any case, Wilburn said he doesn't know whether a Hotmail address would be viewed as a "legitimate flag" outside of the news improvement world.

"Individuals who do take it as a flag, I wouldn't have any desire to work for," he said." I think individuals who consider it to be an important flag, it says more in regards to them than individuals who are utilizing them."

It could have lawful repercussions

A considerable lot of the general population who remarked on Sreenivasan's unique post thought about whether victimizing individuals in light of Hotmail use conveyed some level of ageism.

They may have been on to something.

Candidates could take two ways to contend that, under government law, this could be unfair, said Stephanie Bornstein, a partner teacher of law at the University of Florida.

On the off chance that a candidate is dealt with contrastingly in light of age-related generalizations - for instance, "individuals who utilize more seasoned tech are likely more seasoned, and, in this way, less well informed" - that candidate could contend that he or she encountered age separation. This is known as dissimilar treatment.

In the event that a strategy or practice is connected to everybody similarly except winds up excessively influencing a gathering of individuals in light of age - for instance, "a business won't consider any individual who utilizes more established tech, which thumps out of thought an unbalanced number of more seasoned individuals, a greater amount of whom utilize more established tech" - the candidate could likewise contend for age separation. This is known as divergent effect.

In either case, the candidate "needs to demonstrate a great deal to really win a segregation claim," Bornstein said.

For the previous, a business would likely contend that there are "authentic, nondiscriminatory purposes behind the treatment the candidate experienced, for example, that any individual who utilizes more established innovation is less technically knowledgeable, paying little heed to age, she said. To demonstrate dissimilar treatment, the candidate would need to demonstrate that whatever reason the business gave for the treatment was an "appearance" or "conceal" for the genuine treatment.

In the second case, the candidate would need to demonstrate, with insights, that the arrangement or practice excessively influenced more established individuals. A business would likely contend about the measurements and contend, once more, that the training depends on a "sensible factor other than age," Bornstein said.

Innovation driven age separation claims, Hotmail or not, are getting to be typical. In December, a legal claim was recorded for the Communications Workers of America and Facebook clients more than 40 after it was uncovered that real managers utilized age focusing to show enlistment promotions on Facebook. One of the advertisements, for work openings at T-Mobile, was just noticeable to 18-to 35-year-olds. Another, for Facebook, must be seen by 21-to 55-year-olds.

"In the same way as other advances in the cutting edge economy, Facebook has an inconceivable ability to make specialists mindful of financial openings, for example, occupations," the offended party's legal counselors composed. They proceeded with: "Facebook has transformed its effective advertisement program into a conductor for a

Your Hotmail email address could land you bigger car insurance bills

Chief of naval operations energizes Hotmail clients to £31.36 additional for auto protection versus Gmail clients as email delivers are utilized to choose premiums

One of the UK's greatest auto insurance agencies has conceded charging individuals more for their auto protection in the event that they apply with a Hotmail email address.

Agents found that changing the email address utilized for a protection quote from a Gmail one to a Hotmail caused the auto cover cost to shoot up by as much as £31.36.

• Cheapest autos to protect

Chief naval officer said it utilized "an assortment of snippets of data" to compute protection premiums, however conceded that space names - the bit after the '@' in an email address - were one component it considered. The organization said in an announcement that: "Specific area names are related with a larger number of mischances than others", clarifying why Hotmail email delivers are probably going to prompt higher premiums.

The examination, did by The Sun daily paper, saw a progression of protection applications submitted through correlation sites Confused, MoneySupermarket and GoCompare. By keeping all points of interest the same and simply changing email deliver from Hotmail to Gmail, premiums expanded by £5.60 with befuddled, £6.57 with MoneySupermarket and £31.36 with GoCompare.

More people are using Gmail than Hotmail or Yahoo! Letter

At the time Google pushed Gmail on April Fool's Day 2004, everyone thought it was a joke. What kind of organization would be crazy enough to give their customers 1 GB free email? You need to remember, in those days you were lucky to have the opportunity to drop 100 MB. More storage is not the main reason individuals jump into Google's email benefits, but the user interface is a hassle. Stress discussion, meaning the ability to see many answers in a negligible outline, makes email usable again. The name, not the organizer, made the break-up of a walk in the entertainment center.

According to the scientists at comScore, October is the primary month in written history, where a large number of individuals access Gmail than Microsoft's competitive email client, Hotmail. They said that 287.9 ​​million unique visitors visited hotmail.com in October, compared with 286.2 million for Hotmail for a similar period. Yippee! Mail came in third with 281.7 million views, but it is in the top spot in case you go simply in the United States.

In case you have not used Gmail ... what's up with you? Google offers you a chance to use your own area, so in case you need to use the URL you bought a few years ago, you are welcome to do so. Moreover, there are also Google Apps for independent companies. Why run with Exchange when Google administration is cheaper and less demanding?

How to recover Hotmail or iCloud on a stolen phone?

If you have any questions regarding information security (antivirus, intrusion, cybercrime, data theft , etc.) go to the end of the report and use the space for comments or send an email to g1seguranca@globomail.com . The column answers questions left by readers in the pack on Thursdays.

>>> Stolen
phone : recovering accounts from Hotmail and iCloud I had my iPhone stolen and managed, after months, to recover it. Now, I noticed that my two addresses, one in Hotmail and the other in iCloud are in the name of someone else.
How to proceed? Could you guide me, please?
Denise Sobiesiak Kensy

If the only thing that happened to you was a name change, you were very lucky!

If you still have access to accounts (passwords have not been changed), simply access the account settings panel on each service. There you can change all your personal information, including the name.

In the case of Hotmail: access your webmail, click the photo in the upper right corner and then "Edit profile". Beside your name there is an "Edit" button. It's a little hidden, above the picture.

In the case of iCloud, the information can be edited by AppleID site:

Remember to check also whether password recovery options (email and phone) are correct.

If you no longer have access to your account (you type the correct password and login does not work), you should follow a series of steps to try to regain access. In Microsoft's case, full instructions are on this page:
" Log in again in your her Microsoft account if it has been committed " -For Apple, the page is this (the instructions are below, after the subtitle "How can I recover control over my Apple ID? ")

To summarize, you'll have to try to use the available password recovery mechanisms. If it works out, it ends there - recovery is quick and simple. However, if it does not work, you will need to contact technical support. They will request information to identify that you are really the owner of the accounts and give back access to you.

Remember to set a lock code on your phone and also a relatively short period of automatic locking. Otherwise, it is very easy for someone with your cell phone on hand to cause tremendous damage in your digital life. The cell phone usually has access to the email, and the email gives access to all your other accounts, because the email is used as a recovery tool in case of forgetting the password.

>>> Messages from "infected Android"
I have a question, which is as follows. Several times I try to download some video or even audio from some sites I get a message saying that my smartphone has been infected with viruses, then when I click on the message to repair my possible virus is directed to the PlayStore to download a certain antivirus or even , sometimes other apps.
Now I want to know, is this virus? Can this damage my device?

This question has already been asked and answered several times here in the column, but there is a different detail in your case: you say you are trying to download "video or audio". Many sites that offer such content - especially when they do so without the permission of the copyright holder - are associated with certain invasive ad networks or "link protectors." These services promote programs and services of dubious quality through extremely aggressive advertising campaigns.

That is, what you are seeing is nothing less than misleading advertising because the information that your phone is infected is a lie - the advertisement has no way of knowing this.

If the message was not served by the advertising partner of the site you're visiting, the problem is probably on the network you're using to access the internet. You will have to check the modem-router configuration responsible for the Wi-Fi network and check if there are any changes to the DNS servers that are in use. Normally, the DNS server must be in automatic configuration for both the modem and "DHCP" (DHCP is the automatic configuration sent to systems connected to the router).

The pack of the Digital Security column is staying here. Do not forget to leave your question in the comments section below, or send an email to g1seguranca@globomail.com . You can also follow the Twitter column at @ g1security . To the next!

Microsoft modernizes Hotmail that will become Outlook

Microsoft uncovered Tuesday the new form of its free email benefit, associated with interpersonal organizations, planning to recapture lost piece of the overall industry for Gmail, the Google informing administration . Hotmail is renamed Outlook and its new introduction incorporates connections to interpersonal organizations and devices to better sort the mail.

Hotmail clients will be welcome to switch over in the following couple of months to the new administration, which is now accessible on www.outlook.com. Microsoft said the administration is still only a "see", proposing that different choices could in any case develop. Hotmail remains the world's first email benefit, as per the most recent comScore information, with 324 million clients toward the finish of June, around 36 percent of the worldwide market. In any case, it loses piece of the pie against Gmail, the contending administration of Google, which now controls 31% of the market. Hurray Mail stays stable around 32%.

Propelled in 1996, Hotmail is one of the most established email administrations, yet Microsoft has not refreshed it for a long time. The new administration enables clients to sign in to their Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn and Google+ records to monitor their contacts' updates and remarks progressively. It distinguishes messages sent in mass and consequently puts them in particular organizers, however clients can tweak the arranging procedure as they see fit. The objective is to enable them to explore through a period while, as indicated by Microsoft investigate, an inbox is ordinarily 80% loaded with pamphlets, limited time offers, and system notices. social.

Microsoft Launches Hotmail          Through Mobile

the choice of operator will cost Telecom's competitors six dollars per minute, which is very low for Telecom; Chief of Qwest Communications commented on the background of the company's bad prospects; the Slovak producer of deflection units for color TV sets and Vidox Trstená last year reached 317.9 million Slovak crowns.SINGAPORE - Microsoft's Asian Internet Branch will launch a new service in July to enable cell phone users to use the Hotmail e-mail service for free. This means that you will not need to be sitting at your computer or notebook to read emails.

"Up to now, 15 million MSN Hotmail users in Asia relied on personal computers to read emails, and MSN Mobile Hotmail now allows users to receive and send messages from their accounts at MSN Hotmail and on the go anytime, anywhere," said MSN Asia Celia Chong.

The service uses SMS Short Message Technology, which allows users to send and receive emails from Hotmail accounts up to a maximum of 160 characters. MSN Asia will offer this service via Singapore Telecommunications, Chungwa Telecom and CLS from Hong Kong, according to Reuters.

PRAGUE - For each call made within the framework of the service, Český Telecom should charge the competitor with an extra charge of six pennies per minute for the standard interconnection prices. Yesterday the Czech Telecommunication Office informed the company about the fact that the company will be entitled to 10.5 years at an additional cost.

While the competition has been accepted by the Authority, Telecom seems to be too low. The operator's choice is to allow customers connected to the Český Telecom network to dial calls through a network of competitors after dialing a number. The user will pay the flat rate using the Telecom phone and the competing operator. He will have to pay Telecom a connection fee plus a charge for the commissioning of the service.

The price of the connection is for the local call of 60 hellers in peak and for the distance of 80 hellers. In case a telecom call through a network of competitors will end in the Telecom network, the alternative operator will pay the connection fee twice, said KPNOwest / GTS marketing director David Duroň.

According to him, the price theoretically allows the operator to operate, but does not give alternative firms much room for price competition. "We think real liberalization in the small-business market will only occur after the local loop is made available by Telecom, at the beginning of next year," he said.

Contactel considers favorable fees for setting up a service. On the other hand, the per-minute charge per call is one of the highest in Europe. According to Aliatel spokesperson Petra Kopecká, CTO's decision was late. In addition, the overall price is partly based on a decision not yet issued by the Authority.

The fee of CZK 0.06 per minute covers, according to Telecom spokesman Vladan Crha, only a small part of the costs that ČTÚ has detailed. "This decision will therefore have a significant negative impact on Telecom's economic results this year," he said. The firm also analyzes the decision from the point of view of a possible violation of the Telecommunications Act and takes concrete measures to defend itself against the negative effects of this regulator's progress, he added. Telecom estimated the cost of introducing carrier selection to CZK 1.5 billion.

The Telecom operator pays 348,185 CZK and 24,776 for each additional access point. The cancellation of the point of interest will pay 1529 CZK and the cancellation of the service 28 600 CZK. Telecom, according to the latest information, is about introducing operator choice with five companies. Aliatel is already testing the Telecom service for trial operation. The KPNQwest / GTS meeting finalizes and prepares a pilot project in Prague. Contactel also expects an early agreement.

NEW YORK - Executive Director of the US telecommunication company Qwest Communications International, Joseph Nacchio, resigned from office. Yesterday he was replaced by Richard Notebaert, former president and CEO of the American company Tellabs.

Nacchio resigned voluntarily and promised to be at least two more years as a consultant to help the company transform and set a new strategy and planning. But The Wall Street Journal wrote that Nacchia wanted to get rid of the company's management board, Reuters said.

"For five and a half years, I crossed the globe, built Qwest and lived in two different cities to meet our primary goals, and now I want to spend more time with my family and devote myself to other occasions," Nacchio said in a statement. The company spokesman did not comment on his resignation.

Twenty-five-year-old Nacchio assured investors at a meeting with analysts that the liquidity of the company is OK and that Qwest does not intend to issue further shares in the near future. However, observers say the growing pressure on the firm could be in the background of sudden Nacchi's resignation.

Qwest is the fourth largest local telecommunications company in the United States, but it is heavily indebted and has recently had problems with cash flows. The company's rating is already in the speculative band, the firm has put aside the asset for sale, and the Securities and Exchange Commission investigates the firm for suspicion of accounting discrepancies.

TRSTENÁ (Slovakia) - Slovak manufacturer of deflection units for color televisions and Vidox Trstená had revenues of 317.9 million Slovak crowns last year. Revenues were 87 percent higher than in 2000, said Jozef Orgováni, the economics deputy, yesterday, with last year's net profit of SKK 400,000.

Vidox is part of Tesla Ecimex Praha and its subsidiary Ecimex Group Praha, 99% of which is delivered to TCT Rožňov pod Radhoštěm (75%) and LG Philips (25%). The company continues with over twenty years of tradition of deflection units production in OTF Nižná (formerly Tesla Orava).

The company, based on a contract with Philips, built 3.5 million units of deflection units annually in the Nizhny's premises. Last year it invested about 5 million SKK. Vidox was established in 1995 and currently employs almost 500 people. Their average monthly wage at the end of the year was almost SKK 11,400.

Guide to transfer mail from Gmail to Hotmail - For who to drop Gmail to Hotmail

In the past few days, the forum has reported suspicion that Google has deliberately blocked mobile Outlook users from adding their Gmail accounts to the default M $ default Outlook app. For some lucky you add should also consider resetting or logout Gmail out of the machine because of the high possibility you will be the next victim of this "error".
Those who do not want to have this problem in the future when Google acknowledges this (hopefully not) can switch to Hotmail - a home service email M $. Hotmail is part of the Outlook software suite, which is popular with large companies as it supports businesses, not just emailing, but also many other useful features. For normal users, Hotmail has more advantages than Gmail in that, Hotmail's spam filter is very powerful, even if users do not refine anything it is still strong. And WP users should also use Hotmail to get all synchronized.
But the problem is that you regret the old Gmail mail, which has very important emails in the job, why M $ has provided a simple way to transfer all your emails from Gmail to Hotmail only A few steps, and here is the tutorial of M $.
First, go to this link, this is a quick activation link mail:
Wait a moment, notice board appears, you The options are here and there are two options:

  • Emails coming from Inbox, Outbox, Hotmail, and Hotmail are located in private folders and have their own labels.
  • Put all emails into one folder

When done, click Start / Start:
The next page asks you to sign in to your Gmail account, and grant access to your Gmail, this step is just the same as Accept / Accept.
After this step, the import process will start, M $ will also notify you how to Gmail to forward mail to Hotmail in case you want to keep Gmail.
The import process will be displayed on the left side of the screen, the transfer time will depend on the number of your email, the transfer takes place implicitly, meaning that you can disable the browser or sign out of Hotmail. This process continues.
The above is a quick guide to how to put all your mail from Gmail to Hotmail, making the transition from Gmail to Hotmail is more convenient. Please note that if you do not use Outlook on your mobile, it is not necessary to do so because Outlook Desktop version is not affected.

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